"I look in the mirror I can't get over you. Is this our world? Is this someone else?"

Art by Audrey Kawasaki

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In all the time that I was away and not paying attention to anything that wasn’t life and work, fics here and there, apparently Free! S2 started or something but before I get to that I will tell you all a fine little story about what happened between Free! S1 ending and then the break I had from here….

Many of you know that pretty much Makoto was the poor dude that I shipped with pretty much everyone and I did showed in my blog a bit reblog bias for MakoHaru (since MakoRei so damn hard to freaking find and some MakoRin on the side) anyway in all the time that I was away and all, finally getting the chance to read freaking High Speed! because  friend bullied me into it…something particular happened…something that I wasn’t expecting and left me all WTF…

RinMako/MakoRin somehow, unexplicable has officially and without a shadow of the doubt turned into my damn Free! OTP, it kicked down the MakoRei, I mean dear holy damn…I knew I should have suspected when I pretty much went to AO3 to just read Stucky or MakoRin or Ereri or Hannigram or Bethyl, the main ships I was reading while on my break.

But no really, the more I think about them, the more I realize they will work and that their personalities will compliment the other and AUGH dammit it all to hell, now I need to reblog all of them.

Now going back to S2, yes I know it started and I was told a cute thing about the cherry blossom pool dream, but am I going to watch it…not to insult anyone…but no, I am not going to do so. I barely even liked S1, this however doesn’t means that I still don’t ship those damn two cuties like to hell and back because eff yes I do…I freaking do..

So yes RinMako/MakoRin shippers come to me…I demand it! Must find all the things now.

so like woah, been a long time since I was in this place wasn’t it….hahaha what can I say life got so freaking busy and I pretty much died…so right now lets see what i can reblog and spam….!






‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’

what if i cut off your left leg

would that make you stronger

would it





this is a golden post

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リヴァイ班  by  sine-eang



modern day icarus with burns on his back and full of bitterness and throws out cynicism but sometimes he just looks at the sun like it’s the best thing in the world  (◡‿◡✿)


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"You should draw me."
"No, you can’t stay still."

"You should draw me." Bucky flops onto the floor, sprawls over Steve’s sketchbook.
"No," Steve grunts, tugging futilely at the sketchbook that in retrospect he should have left under his mattress. "You can’t stay still."
"I’m staying still now." Bucky grins right up at him with a jut of his jaw, face a little too close, before proving his point by settling deeper into the floor and rendering the sketchbook even more irretrievable.
Steve rolls his eyes, partially to avoid noticing how Bucky’s shirt strains around his shoulders, and gives another tug at the book.
"You draw pigeons all the time," Bucky points out, thoughtlessly unaware of the way the sunlight is dancing off his face and shadowing his throat. "Pigeons don’t stay still."
"Pigeons," Steve retorts, weaseling one corner of the book free, "will stay very still if you feed them." But maybe that wasn’t a great line, since the pigeons were eating better than either of them at the moment. "Besides, you have a funny face."
"I—a funny face? A funny—" Bucky rises up on his elbows, mock outraged, grin dancing around his eyes, and the book finally slips free.
Steve snaps it shut. Bucky raises an eyebrow.
"Whatcha drawing there, Stevie?"
"Nothing." Steve rolls off his stomach and scoots away on his bum. His face is too warm. "Nothing."
"More pigeons?"
"Yeah. Yeah, lots of pigeons."
"Can I see?" Bucky asks, swinging himself upright, face open.
Steve freezes. Clutches the sketchbook that is much more Bucky than pigeon: Bucky laughing, Bucky racing down the sidewalk, Bucky cooking over the stove, biting his lip in concentration, Bucky counting their money, fuming, Bucky smiling, face soft with sleep, eyes flickering open, grinning at Steve; Bucky in every way that makes Steve’s chest feel tight and stupid with happiness. Bucky in every way, period.
Steve swallows. Shrugs. “Nothing worth seeing.”

Oh god
It starts off so lighthearted and you cant help but smile at these two dorks and then suddenly NOPE U-turn into angst city. All roads leading in but none going out.
The part about Bucky’s face had me grinning and then it slowly slid off and now all I have to show are the tiny pieces of my broken heart.
This was wonderful! Thank you