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When Steve was trying to enlist the first time we saw him, he told the doctor that his dad died serving for the 107th, and to honor his memory he wanted to be put in that regiment too.

He also said that his mom died serving as a nurse, when we learn later that she had actually died from tuberculosis before the war even started, and his father long before that.

Then when Bucky shows up in uniform he says, “107th, Sargent James Barns, shipping out for England first thing tomorrow.”

Steve lied to the army(again) about both his parents deaths. He didn’t want to be in the 107th for his late father, 

He just wanted to stay with Bucky


As much as my shipper heart goes “YES THIS IS WHY!” my other side of is like cold logical and I feel like if raining on the parade.

Steve did not lied about his parents deaths, he said his mother was serving, per se, in a TB ward and she caught it, which lead to her death and that his father died due to mustard gas while serving on the 107th company/batallion during WWI since Steve I think was born while he was in the war…or so it was put in the MCU.

Also prior to this scene, Steve wasn’t sure where Bucky had been placed, he asked him if he had gotten his order and by extension his assignation and that’s when he said the 107th, though Steve could have had a bit of a suspicioun Bucky could have ended there since the 107th seemed to have a lot of guys from Brooklyn or so I read somewhere, but that could have been wrong.

So yes I think Steve was indeed wanting to honor his father and the fact that Bucky was there was probably an extra.


okay, we’ve all seen this post but i remembered it wrong and was like, “haha, imagine winter soldier about to destroy a hydra facility when he finds a gaggle of steves”

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i can’t get over the knife scene in cap2 because the winter soldier is trying so hard to stab steve


but he keeps on dodging


which makes him so frustrated he just pushes him away